Deutsche Oppenheim – TCP Brokerage Partnership

We are pleased to announce a real estate investment transaction business collaboration between Deutsche Oppenheim family office (former Sal. Oppenheim, a leading pioneers bank in Germany) and TCP Brokerage. These companies, who both highly value utmost discretion, started a partnership in June 2018.

Deutsche Oppenheim

Dr. Christoph Pitschke, Head of Real Estate and Equity investments at Deutsche Oppenheim is pleased to collaborate on real estate transactions with TCP Brokerage. "We share a similar work philosophy. This will facilitate Deutsche Oppenheim to achieve its goal of maximizing and retaining the value of our clients' property portfolios. We will be able to further provide an effective and sustainable strategic asset allocation".




TCP Brokerage

Yannick Hess, Managing Partner of TCP Brokerage, is looking forward to a mutual fruitful collaboration. "Deutsche Oppenheim will further grow and professionalize its real estate wealth management solutions for its clients. With saving and the attractiveness of real estate growing nowadays, Deutsche Oppenheim will be able to tap into TCP Brokerage´s global network that is specialized in real estate transactions."




This collaboration arose from the initiative of Deutsche Oppenheim since real estate plays an ever-growing role in almost any complex asset allocation, particularly for asset diversification purposes, and for maintaining the asset base of clients in the long-term. In this way the association does bring opportunities to investors as well as new perspectives for both companies.