TCP Brokerage @ IFN Europe Forum - Luxembourg 10th of June 2015

The European Commercial Real Estate investment market (France, UK, Germany, Spain, Nordics, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) within the global real estate industry (luxury hotels, hotels, offices, logistics, student housing, healthcare and retail).

Middle Eastern commercial property investors might face difficulties to finance discreetly off market real estate investment activities in the West. Many Middle Eastern investors cope with the difficulty to identify valuable off market commercial property investments. The “Sukuk” becomes an increasingly more popular instrument to finance public and private commercial property investments. TCP Brokerage, a discreet commercial real estate brokerage company, offers real estate off-market investments in line with this instrument, for commercial real estate investments such as hotels, luxury hotels, offices, retail, student housing, healthcare facilities and logistics. The “Sukuk” is a financial certificate generally regarded as the Shariah compliant alternative to bonds. Governments of the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, South Africa and Hong-Kong, have recently issued sovereign “Sukuks”. Other countries like France, Germany, Spain, the Nordics, Belgium and the Netherlands are moving forward with this Real estate financing instrument. Two prominent real estate office investments at Luxembourg -  Kirchberg have been financed via a “Sukuk”.

The commercial property markets in France, UK, Germany, Spain, Nordics, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands continue to be attractive for discreet Middle Eastern commercial property investors. TCP Brokerage, as a discreet off market broker, is helping Middle Eastern investors to invest into western commercial real estate because it is an attractive, diversified and often protected commercial property investment. Institutional money and high net worth discreet real estate investors from the Middle East really just want off market commercial real estate brokerage. Middle eastern commercial property investors value TCP Brokerage’s high discretion. There has been a lot of work carried out over the last decade within the Middle Eastern real estate investment industry. Shariah compliant investments have noticeably accelerated and commercial property investors are becoming more sophisticated and willing to take greater risks. Discreet Middle Eastern commercial property investors are looking for off market investments in hotels, luxury hotels, student housing, healthcare facilities, offices, logistics, and retail assets.

Middle Eastern investors are obtaining off market commercial properties, via TCP Brokerage’s long-term personal contacts in the Middle East region. Commercial property investors from the Middle East have trust in TCP Brokerage as a discreet off market broker. TCP Brokerage´s commercial real estate brokerage business provides Middle Eastern investors with certainty and confidence once entering in a commercial real estate investment transaction in the asset classes luxury hotels, hotels, offices, logistics, student housing, healthcare and retail. During the IFN, Yannick Hess the managing partner of TCP Brokerage, explained that TCP Brokerage’s off market commercial brokerage business is well performing with discreet Middle Eastern investors in USA, France, UK, Germany, Spain, Nordics, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. TCP brokerage’s discretion is also highly appreciated by discreet commercial property investors such as private banks, high net worth individuals, family offices and commercial real estate owner-occupiers across the globe in search of off market commercial properties brokerage.